Welcome Dynamik Creator!


Please follow the steps below to ensure you access your summit details!

step 1


Go to your email inbox

Go to the inbox of the email address you signed up with on the previous page.

step 2


Open the welcome/confirmation email

Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line "[The Dynamik Creator Summit™ 2017]: Welcome [your first name]! You're Early! (details inside) ;)"

step 3



Make sure to read the complete email so that you don't miss any details about the summit. You'll also see some goodies and an offer that only attendees will be able to take advantage of! ;)


You've just made one of the best decisions to move your business forward!
I CAN'T WAIT to interact with you during the summit!
Don't forget to check your email for access and CONGRATULATIONS on making your endeavors, DYNAMIK!

(pronounced like "dynamic" that is - just in case you were wondering) ;)

Creatively Yours,

Dominique Hart
Host, The Dynamik Creator Summit™